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VISION Treating the Dieting Casualty Workshop

Coming Virtually in Spring 2020.

Are you looking for a way to help your clients normalize their relationship with food after years of dieting or disordered eating? This intensive workshop trains professionals in Satter's How to Eat method. The method has been refined by Ellyn Satter in over 35 years of clinical practice.

Attendees are required to complete the Satter Eating Competence Model in Context, as well as, Resolving the Adult Weight Dilemma webinars prior to attending the TDC VISION workshop.  You will receive links to the webinars upon completion of registration.

Register 2 to 4 from the same institution and save! The Treating the Dieting Casualty VISION training manual, valued at $289 is included with your registration fee. Approved for 20 CEUs from the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

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Successfully applied by over 400 professionals who have taken this workshop. Developed in response to the anguish and frustration of patients struggling unsuccessfully with their eating and/or weight, the How to Eat method is a systematic, orderly, evidence based method that replaces distorted eating attitudes and behaviors with Eating Competence.

Registration Cancellation/Refund Policy:

Written requests for cancellation or refunds must be emailed to [email protected] on or before February 1, 2020. If you need to cancel your registration, please submit a cancellation request to [email protected] Requests made prior to February 1, 2020 will be refunded less a $250.00 cancellation fee. Requests made after February 2, 202020 until March 1, 2020 will be refunded less a $500.00 cancellation fee. No refunds after March 2, 2020.

Workshop Cancellation Policy:

ESI reserves the right to cancel the workshop up to two weeks prior to the event.  Full registration will be provided by same method of payment.  Pre-meeting webinar CEUs will be honored.  Please contact us prior to making travel arrangements as we cannot reimburse travel costs due to unforseen cancellations.



Customer Reviews (2)

TDC gave me the tools to move forward in applying a model that truly supports my client’s wellbeing and transformation towards real health.

If I could summarize the How to Eat method in a word, it would be TRUST.

I learned that I can trust my clients, and that when I trust them, and don’t go to the usual “approach” of telling them the solutions myself, they come up with the best solutions, through their inner knowledge.

If I trust them, they can trust themselves again, they can tap into their own wisdom, for an experience that is truly transformative.

For me, this is real health, assisting our clients in trusting their bodies again, blessing their choices, and helping them to find the joy of eating back.

After TDC, I had an experience with the most incredible patient, I was lucky to work with her.

She had been struggling with her weight for a couple of years, and last year she travelled to Japan for a scholarship. She was there for 3 months, and with no struggles, lost the weight she had been actively trying to lose. She came to see me, because after 1 month of arriving the weight was creeping back.

As opposed to start looking where “to fix” things and setting goals for her, as I learned as an RD, I started working as I just learned in TDC, with a breathing, centering exercise, and asked her about her experience.

It was truly enlightening, after the exercise, she just said: “this is what was different for me in Japan, food was sacred.” She realized by herself, that at home she was rushing or struggling, instead of just relaxing and enjoying her food. Something so simple and powerful, that had nothing to do with diets, and something that she knew, I didn’t have to tell her.

She came with her solution, from her wisdom, which makes it all more powerful.

(Posted on 5/8/2018)
TDC is Truly Transformative!Review by Cristen Harris
Since taking TDC in 2017, I find that what grounds me in the moment is "STRONG PERMISSION"... truly. An "old me" would have helped clients set goals towards slowing down, eating while sitting at the table with no TV, creating "comfort menus" for alternative coping, etc. But the enlightened experience for me with TDC was facilitating the client to have and/or come up with these experiences for themselves... to give them STRONG permission with however and whatever they're eating now... and it has been gratifying. I have so many moments in sessions in which I am impressed and astounded that the client found out for themselves through experience and/or came up with ideas for things they want to try (aka goals) that I would have suggested if I were giving the directions. Staying with the experience of eating and the feelings associated with it in session are so much more powerful and impactful for clients... and truly help them put their weight on the shelf. (Posted on 4/14/2018)

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