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We offer help with feeding and eating. The Ellyn Satter Institute helps both the public and professionals discover the joy and practicality of eating and feeding based on the Satter eating competence and feeding dynamics models. This website is bursting with resources that help with your own eating and feeding issues as well as demonstrate how to address those issues in a professional setting. We also invite you to explore ESI publications, social media, and links to individual help.  


The public

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Feed yourself with love and good sense

Raise a healthy child who is a joy to feed




We offer help with your programming. Do you need help integrating the Satter eating competence and feeding dynamics models into your practice setting or educational program? Do you wonder which ESI programs and materials will help you accomplish your goals on behalf of your audience?

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The Ellyn Satter Institute website provides resources for both professionals and the public relative to the accurate and responsible understanding and application of the Satter Feeding Dynamics and Eating Competence models.


The public

Policy makers




ESI offers professional education in the understanding and application of the Satter Feeding Dynamics and Eating Competence models. Training takes the form of workshops and keynotes, webinars, and self-study publications.   

Workshops and keynotes



Coach and mentor

ESI faculty members work with individuals. The coaching program works with you relative to feeding yourself and/or feeding your child. If you are a professional, the mentoring and Affiliate programs work you to deepen your understanding of the Satter models and address issues that arise in their own work setting. Consulting helps you with your materials and projects to ensure that your teaching programs and materials are consistent with ecSatter and fdSatter.



Affiliate and Associate programs




The Satter Feeding Dynamics Model and the Satter Eating Competence Model are theoretically grounded, evidence based, and clinically effective. ecSatter provides the theoretical grounding for the validated Satter Eating Competence Inventory, ecSI 2.0. The Satter Feeding Dynamics Inventory, fdSI, has been developed by cognitive interviewing and is in the process of being tested for validity.

ecSI 2.0

Development of a tool to assess adherence to a model of the division of responsibility in feeding young children

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