Eat and feed with joy

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Eat and feed with joy

Explore how to eat, how to feed, how to address picky eating, overweight, underweight and special needs. Get tips on coping with interference from well meaning family, doctors, and teachers. Learn how to reconcile what you want to eat with what you are supposed to eat!

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Help Us Give Freedom

Help Us Give Freedom

This holiday season, give the gift of freedom: Freedom to enjoy mealtimes with your child; to eat without fear, guilt, or anxiety; to know you can handle whatever feeding or eating challenge comes your way.   This is the freedom parents and adults experience after...

Breaking News!

Breaking News!

Newsflash!  Woman breaks dieting cycle, discovers stopping point! Sally is a 28-year old, unmarried, professional woman who learned from her mom at a young age "how to diet." She was a regular attendee at Weight Watchers meetings by the time she was twelve, and dieted...

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