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The Ellyn Satter Institute

Ellyn Satter has devoted her long career to uplifting the mealtime experience. She teaches parents how to transform family meals into joyful, healthful, struggle-free events, free from drama and conflict. She teaches individuals with weight issues how to release themselves from the grip of guilt and shame in their relationship with food. She has developed simple yet profound models for feeding your family and feeding yourself, validated them through research, and passed along her approaches to healthcare professionals and educators around the world. This website is evidence of her commitment to helping other incorporate the Satter principles into their practice and teaching.  Ellyn Satter’s transformative work changes lives.  

Every year the Ellyn Satter Institute helps tens of thousands of parents, grandparents, children, teens, adults, and health professionals reimagine and reshape anxiety-infused relationships with food into joyful journeys of healthful well-being.  We teach the evidence-based Satter Feeding Dynamics Model and Satter Eating Competence Model, and we support individuals, parents, and professionals in the models’ implementation through education, consulting, mentoring, and publishing.  

Our mission is to transform lives by furthering Ellyn Satter’s models for positive and joyful eating and feeding. 


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For professionals

We support health care professionals in their work with children, adults, and families who struggle with food issues. ESI offers educational resources, consulting, and mentoring for nutrition and dietary professionals, medical professionals, educators, and public health professionals who want to incorporate Ellyn Satter’s trust-centered and science-tested principles into their practice and teaching.  

For the public

Do you want to uplift your relationship with food from one burdened with anxiety, sacrifice, and shame into on that is confident, empowering, and joyful? Do you want to bring up children who feel good about their bodies, and who approach meals and snack time with enthusiasm, confidence, and prowess? Do you want to feed yourself in a way that supports your complete health and well-being?

For organizations

Do you want to educate colleagues about the evidence-based and clinically-proven Satter models? Do you need advice for pulling together persuasive informational materials for health and nutrition policy-makers at your school or in your community? Tap into the thought leaders on ESI’s board, or the community of health care professionals that make up the Ellyn Satter Institute’s social network.  

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