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Ellyn Satter Institute Affiliate Certificate Program


**We are in the midst of changing our Affiliate program and are hoping

to have the program updated by the end of the year. 

Please direct inquiries to [email protected].**


Affiliate Certificate Program

Are you looking to further your professional mastery of the Satter Feeding Dynamics and Eating Competence models?  Do you want to increase your expertise in applying the models to other areas of your clinical practice?

The ESI Affiliate Program is a certificate program designed for the professional who is well versed and has an in-depth understanding of the Satter models.  Please see program requirements below.

This case study-based 10-session program focuses on practical application and implementation of the models in both children and adults in a variety of situations including, but not limited to, failure to thrive, picky eating, child overweight, disordered eating, diabetes, and food intolerance.  In addition to case studies, a literature review and application tests are included.  Completion of the certificate program will help you ensure consistent application of the models across the continuum of nutrition care.

Affiliate graduates contribute to ESI’s vision of establishing a trained network of eating and feeding professionals whose mastery of the Satter models helps ensure consistent application.

Space is limited to 8 applicants.  Application deadline is November 30.

Affiliate Benefits

  • Connect with an international network of professionals who have in-depth training and application of the Satter models;
  • Recognition opportunities on the ESI website;
  • Discount (25% off) on ESI professional mentoring;
  • Discount (10% off) on ESI webinars, books and pdfs; and
  • Upon successful completion, opportunity to apply to become an Associate of the Ellyn Satter Institute.

How to Apply to the Affiliate Program

1.  Prepare

Professionals need to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the Satter feeding and eating competence models, regularly apply them in a clinical practice or education setting and meet the core requirements below prior to applying to the program.  Professional development opportunities to prepare oneself for the program can include:

  • Attending live or watching on-demand webinars available via Dietitian Central or ESI website
  • Completing the Child of Mine and/or Your Child’s Weight self-study
  • Attending Feeding with Love and Good Sense and/or Treating the Dieting Casualty VISION training
  • Reading Ellyn Satter’s books
  • Participating in ESI professional mentoring

Core Requirements:

  • 2021 prerequisite requirements:  Successful applicants must have completed:
    • One VISION training (Feeding with Love and Good Sense OR Treating the Dieting Casualty) AND both self-study exams (Child of Mine and Your Child’s Weight)
  • 2022 prerequisite requirements:  Successful applicants must have completed both VISION training (Feeding with Love and Good Sense AND Treating the Dieting Casualty) AND both self-study exams (Child of Mine AND Your Child’s Weight).

2.  Submit the Application

The application is available to download from the ESI website through the shopping cart here.   The application includes educational background, employment history, documentation of training in the Satter models, and 5 essay questions.  Application deadline is November 1 each year.

3.  Confirm acceptance into the program

Applicants accepted into the program will have until December 15 to accept and pay the program fee of $1,150 (Program fee of $1,200 less the application fee).

Affiliate Program Costs

Application fee:  $50.00 (non-refundable)

Program fee:  $1,200.00 (less $50.00 application fee)

Continuing Education

27 Continuing Professional Education credits are available from the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) for successful completion of this program.  The Ellyn Satter Institute is an accredited provider for CDR.

A certificate is provided when the Affiliate has completed all components of the program including attendance, assignments and successful passing of tests.

Attendance Policy

Discussion, peer review, and participant case study development and sharing are critical components of the Affiliate program.  ESI is also awarding both a certificate and CEU’s upon completion of the program.  Therefore, regular attendance and participation is required to successfully achieve the objectives of the program.

To successfully complete the Affiliate program a participant must have:

  • 100% attendance;
  • Regular session participation that adds value to discussions;
  • Satisfactory completion of all work assignments;
  • Live cast study presentation and discussion;
  • Passing score (70% or higher) on all program exam(s); and
  • Completion of final program evaluation.

We understand that life happens.  Should a situation arise in which you need to miss a session, we ask that you:

  • Notify the lead facilitator immediately, ideally prior to the beginning of class;
  • Listen to the session recording and submit a summary of the covered lesson;
  • Complete any assignments or exams; and
  • Make arrangements to present your case study if you should happen to be absent on  your day to present.*
    • Note, all work must be completed and submitted within 7 days of the missed class or no later than June 30, whichever is first.  (*Every attempt should be made to present the case study live.  If for any reason the case study cannot be presented live, the participant may be asked to submit this to the group via a power-point presentation or taped webinar for group discussion.)

If for some reason you cannot complete the course work or meet the attendance requirements, please email the lead facilitator immediately and submit a Request for Extension.  Extensions are granted on a case-by-case basis for emergency situations only.  Approved extensions may include auditing of the next available affiliate program and/or fees for individual facilitator mentoring and review of material.

Affiliate Calendar

November 30:  Applications are due.

December 15:  Applicants will be notified of acceptance.

January 3:  Participant program acceptance and payment is due.  Incoming Affiliates will receive instructions on how to connect to the meetings, meeting time and curriculum outline.

January 18:  Affiliate program beings

Mid-January thru May:  Affiliates meet every two weeks for 90 minutes.

May 31:  Last week of Affiliate program




Interested in becoming an ESI Affiliate?

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