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Feeding with Love and Good Sense: 18 Months through 6 Years © 2020


Raise a healthy child who is a joy to feed. In this brief, beautiful, and highly entertaining booklet, Ellyn Satter, leading authority on child nutrition and feeding, tells you how. Let Ellyn Satter guide you through the adventures and travails of feeding your toddler to the smooth sailing of feeding your preschooler. The bottom line: Follow Satter’s division of responsibility in feeding.

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Focus on rewarding family meals and nurturing your child’s positive feelings about eating, not on what or how much s/he eats. Your child will grow well and, sooner or later, eat almost everything you eat. This beautiful and engaging booklet helps you recognize and understand stages in development, trust and enjoy your child, choose developmentally and nutritionally appropriate food, and parent in the best way. Tells what to do in words and pictures, and shows why to do it with examples and feeding stories from other parents. Feeding with Love and Good Sense: 18 Months through 6 Years provides supportive, concise, accessible, and authoritative parent guidance relative to feeding and parenting. Appropriate for medical and educational settings, health care, public health, mental health, and public service.

  • 6th grade reading level
  • 40 pages 7.5 by 11 inches
  • Full color, photos 

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Table of Contents
  1. Raise a healthy child who is a joy to feed. You can have enjoyable, harmonious meals. Your child can be healthy, feel good about eating, and behave well around food.
  2. Follow the division of responsibility. To raise a healthy child who eats and grows well, do your jobs with feeding and parenting, then trust your child to do her jobs with eating, moving, and growing.
  3. Understand your child’s development. Consider the toddler, the preschooler, and the school-age child. Being able to recognize stages in development and understand temperament lets you trust and enjoy your child and parent in the best way.
  4. How to feed your child. Have family-friendly meals (page 15) and sit-down snacks (page 26). The toddler’s eating is quirky (page 16), the preschooler’s eating is surprising (page 18), and the school-age child’s eating skills start to show (page 20). Look forward to greater mealtime tranquility as your child gets older.
  5. What to feed your family. You are now feeding a family and including your child in family meals. You are no longer just feeding your child.
  6. Solve feeding problems. Consider the picky eater, the child who doesn’t eat meals and then begs for food, the large child, the small child, the child who doesn’t eat much, the child who doesn’t eat vegetables or drink milk, or the child with special needs.
  7. What you have learned. Feeding is parenting in all ways. You have to do your jobs, but then you have to let go. Throughout the growing-up years, maintain a division of responsibility in feeding.

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1 review for Feeding with Love and Good Sense: 18 Months through 6 Years © 2020

  1. Erica


    Comprehensive, succinct and amazingly helpful. Division of responsibility has changed our family so much! I can’t recommend it enough.

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