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Child of Mine: Feeding With Love and Good Sense


A warm, supportive, and entertaining book for parents about basic nutrition for infants and young children, and a solid nutrition reference for professionals.

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A warm, supportive, and entertaining book for parents about basic nutrition for infants and young children, and a solid nutrition reference for professionals. Covers breast feeding, bottle-feeding, learning to eat grownup food, and normal growth from infancy through preschool. **See training materials for information on continuing education units for reading Child of Mine. Bull Publishing, 2000, 535 pages, index, appendixes.

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1. Feeding Is Parenting. Maintain a Division of Responsibility in feeding - Feeding teaches you about your child - Nutrition and Food Selection - How to read this book - Children want to grow up with regard to eating - How I know about feeding - Other professionals are out there - You are special - You need support - Today's parents have their own special challenges.

2. Your Child Knows How to Eat and Grow. Maintain a Division of Responsibility - What is normal growth - Restricting calories - Even big and small children regulate - How much do children eat? - The feeding relationship affects food regulation - Internal Mechanisms Defend Body Weight - Maintain a positive attitude about your child's eating - Support the regulation process - Activity supports body weight regulation - Some children act like they can't regulate.

3. Your Feeding Decision: Breastfeeding or Formula-Feeding. Encouragement helps; Pressure doesn't - Personal preference - Knowing how important you are - Connecting with your baby - Getting advice and help - Eating while breastfeeding - Making enough breastmilk - Knowing your baby is getting enough - Nutritional desirability - Economy and Convenience - Working - Sexuality - Appearance - Safety - Summary

4. Understanding Your Newborn. Feed to help your newborn with developmental tasks - Help your baby do a good job with eating - Your baby's sleep and awake states - Understand your baby's temperament - Help your baby to quiet herself - Help your baby with attachment

5. Breastfeeding Your Baby. A course on breastfeeding in two short principles - A tale of two babies - The parent's part of breastfeeding - Know and understand your baby - Support and teaching - Special issues in breastfeeding

6. Formula-Feeding Your Baby. The Feeding Relationship - Get comfortable to feed - Do what your baby needs so she can eat well - Babies vary - Let your baby decide how much to eat - You must use infant formula - The water supply - Bottle-feeding equipment and technique - Two important considerations

7. Feeding Your Older Baby: 6 to 12 Months. What you need to know to get started - More about how - More about timing solid foods - Food selection - Weaning

8. Feeding Your Toddler: 12 to 36 Months. What you need to know to get started - Parents have trouble with toddler eating - Raising a child who eats well - The toddler's point of view - The parent's view of toddler eating - The toddler's psychological and social changes - Finding a balance - Mealtime mechanics - Feeding in child care - Planning family meals - What the toddler needs - Gagging and choking - Have planned snacks - How to manage sweets - Moves and countermoves

9. Feeding Your Preschooler: 3 to 5 Years. Preschoolers are challenging to parent - Finding the middle ground - Parenting with respect to feeding - Enticing your child to eat is controlling-- and permissive - Raising capable children - What the preschooler is like with respect to eating - Have structured meals and snacks - Make mealtimes pleasant - Be realistic about mealtime etiquette - Your child will eat what he needs - Children need positive feeding to eat and grow well - You and your eating - Nutritional issues for the preschooler

What Others Say

An excellent source of solid nutritional information. In addition, it espouses a philosophy of moderation and common sense that fosters good health, good eating habits and, most of all, a loving relationship between parents and children.
- The Washington Post

This is a uniquely comforting, now-I'm-on-the-right-track sort of book...a warm, sensible, professional and expert approach to what is, after all, a universal set of situations.
- Family Journal

We recommend this book for its superb nutrition information, particularly the discussion of solid foods and toddler eating.
- Journal of Human Lactation

A wealth of practical and solidly researched information for parents and professionals of all levels of experience. [Satter's] casual, personalized writing style engages the reader and transforms potentially confusing and technical data into understandable and applicable guidelines. It is quite a relief to finally read such a rational, healthy approach to child nutrition.
- Journal of Pediatric Nursing

Named on Group Health Cooperative's List of "Pediatric Nutrition Books that Deserve a Look"

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