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AT LAST: Life After Sport and Journey to Eating Competence Bundle


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Purchase the AT LAST: Navigating the Challenges of Life After Sport and Athlete Transition Out of Sport: A Journey to Eating Competence together and save. Both webinars are designed for professionals with 1.5 Level II CEUs from Commission on Dietetic Registration – a total of 3.0 CEU’s in the package.

As a professional working with athletes, there is a plethora of information available on nutrition, sleep, strength training, mental focus and more to help clients improve performance. But what happens when it’s all over for an athlete? Unfortunately, for too many athletes, their season ends – as a result of an injury, a decision to not pursue a higher level of competition, or due to graduation or another event – without them preparing for this transition. Imagine, training for hours a day, week after week, year after year, and one day it’s over — and life changes.

As health professionals working with athletes, many of us find our toolbox a bit empty in this situation. Many times athletes transition out of our services as abruptly as they do the rest of their sport. Yet, left unprepared, the athlete can struggle for years with the transition around body image, exercise, eating and social connection.

This two-webinar package is designed to give you the tools to help your athletes make this transition more smoothly and successfully. You’ll discover what challenges athletes face as their sport ends and how to help them explore and redefine their relationship with food, movement, and body image.

You’ll take a deeper dive into understanding how shifting towards eating competence can lead to a more relaxed approach towards food as well as long term wellbeing and health outcomes. You’ll take a look how each dimension of eating competence might change for the retired or transitioning athlete. And you’ll explore common hurdles and eating behaviors that athletes commonly find challenging during the transition.

This webinar series is for any professional working with athletes – whether it’s the high school or college athlete wrapping up their career, the pro athlete entering retirement, or the weekend warrior looking for a less strenuous new adventure.

Purchased separately, the workshops are $30 each or $60 total. Buy the bundle and save 25%.


Watch at your convenience, take the CEU quiz when you have time. Purchasing below takes you to our automated system. If new to the Teachable platform, enrolling is free. Please direct inquiries to [email protected]

Each workshop is approved for 1.5 Level II CEUs from the Commission on Dietetic Registration. There are 3 CEU’s total available in this bundle.

About Each Individual Webinar

At Last: Navigating the Challenges of Life After Sport

Individual Price: $30.00 

Presented by: Melissa Streno, PsyD, CMPC &  Rebecca McConville, MS, RDN, LDN, CSSD, CEDRD-S

This webinar is aimed at helping nutrition and sport professionals help their clients navigate the transition out of sport by exploring and redefining their relationship with food, movement, and body image.

For athletes, sports play a significant role throughout their lives and influences relationships, eating patterns, body image, allocation of time and daily routines. But what happens when it’s all over? Melissa and Rebecca noticed in their professional practices that they were seeing increasing incidence of disordered eating and various mental health challenges that paralleled the transition out of sport. This led them to take a deeper look at what was happening for athletes during the transition. As a result of their exploration, they developed a workbook “At Last – Life After Sport Transition” to help athletes and their support teams deal with the void left by the transition out of sport.

During this webinar, they’ll touch on the many challenges athletes face, including eating, as they begin the transition out of sport.


By the end of this interactive presentation, learners will be able to:

  • Learn about the risk factors, as well as physical and psychological challenges, which accompany an athlete's transition out of sport
  • Understand how the demands of sport can impact an athlete's ability to gain eating competence
  • Demonstrate how to integrate the 3 R's- Relearning, Redefining & Reconnecting with nutrition
  • Differentiate between nutrition practices established for sport versus health
  • Understand recommendations for life after sport in terms of food, exercise and one’s relationship with their body

Athlete Transition Out of Sport: A Journey to Eating Competence

Individual Price: $30.00 

Presented by: Anne Blocker, MS, RDN, LD, CDCES, CEDS, Cristen Harris, PhD, RDN, CD, CEDS, CSSD, ACSM-CEP, FAND, Anne Thompson, MA, RDN, CSSD, CEDRD and Rebeca Hernández, MS, LD 

This webinar introduces nutrition and sport professionals to the concept of eating competence for athletes transitioning out of sport. We will discuss where performance nutrition fits on the Satter Hierarchy of food needs and how this can impact an athlete’s eating transition out of sport.

Eating competence can lead to long term wellness outcomes. Each dimension of eating competence will be reviewed including how each of these capacities might look for the retired or transitioning athlete. As part of the review of eating competence, we will explore common hurdles and/or eating behaviors in each area of eating competence that athletes find challenging during the transition.

Professionals will learn how to identify which domains to focus on experiential nutrition therapy as well as what to expect during the process for their client. A case study will be included to illustrate what an athlete’s transition to Eating Competence might look like.


As a result of this program, participants will:

  • Understand where sports nutrition is on the Satter Hierarchy of food needs and how this can impact an athletes Eating Competence in sport and during the transition out of sport.
  • Explain what is eating competence.
  • Understand each of the four domains of eating competence and identify how to prioritize work with an athlete based on where they are with their eating in each of the domains.
  • Develop a realistic treatment plan, including timeframe, for working with an athlete transitioning out of sport.

For Both Webinars:

Access the material any time, on-demand. Complete and pass the quizzes and program evaluations and download your CEU certificate. Learners have access to both recorded webinars and all materials for 3 years.

Group, student and equity discounts are available by writing [email protected].

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