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Good Enough Meals: Self-care in the Kitchen with Leanne Brown


Good Enough Meals: Self-care in the Kitchen with Leanne Brown

The Ellyn Satter Institute is pleased to present this webinar with Leanne Brown, award-winning author of 2 cookbooks. The premise of her work encourages and supports parents in doing their job of providing meals for themselves and their families.

“Everyone deserves to eat well every day.” In her first book, Good and Cheap, Leanne Brown explored this concept at the level of physical inequity. She answered the question, “is it possible to eat well on $4 a day?” with an emphatic “yes.” She helped her readers break the code with tips, techniques, and recipes.

With her book on the New York Times bestseller list, she was running ragged to keep up. The joy of achieving success in her dream career cycled with feelings of guilt and self-doubt. “How many times had I said cooking was easy?” Leanne asked. And here she was, eating cold pizza for breakfast.

She vowed to no longer pretend that cooking is easy. Preparing meals for yourself and others is hard, but worth it. Her new book, Good Enough, is an exploration of recipes, methods, and stories that helped Leanne on her journey to honor the meaningful act of cooking for self-care and family-care.



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In this webinar, Leanne Brown will cook in her Brooklyn kitchen as she shares her journey of healing through food. She will explore the feelings that come up around cooking. She will assure you that a meal doesn’t have to be perfect to nourish body and soul.

Learning Objectives:

  • List at least 3 ways to practice self-care in the kitchen.
  • Describe the process of creating embodied cooking experiences.
  • Describe how to transition from the day’s activities to get to work in the kitchen. 
  • Recognize the emotional aspects of eating and describe how to do it well.

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