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Picky Eating: Treatment in Secondary Care


A webinar for professionals by Rebeca Hernandez, MS, LD

Picky eating is a common complaint of parents of toddlers and pre-school children, it may be a stage that passes without further problems, but in some cases it may get out of control and cause serious feeding issues. In this webinar you will learn in detail how to apply fdSatter and sDOR to support parents in ending mealtime battles and  bringing back the joy in feeding and eating.


1.5 CEUs pending approval from Commission on Dietetic Registration upon successful completion of the exam.

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Concerns about the child’s nutrition, a lack of understanding of what is normal eating behavior for children and of how to feed, makes parents put pressure on their children in a desperate attempt to get them to eat. Far from solving the problem, pressure and battles make children eat worse and seriously deteriorate the family’s dynamic.

Supporting parents in ending severe mealtime battles is not about nutrition, it is about teaching them about to understand what is normal eating behavior in children and themselves and how to feed without the pressure and struggles.

After this presentation you should be able to:

*Understand what is normal eating behavior for children.

*Recognize how feeding problems may develop from infancy.

*Acquire skills on how to do a Feeding Dynamics fdSatter based assessment in order to understand what is going on with feeding in a family system.

*Learn how to do a secondary care intervention to support parents in establishing sDOR to solve deep rooted feeding problems.

*Become proficient in how to troubleshoot feeding problems with sDOR.

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