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Ellyn Satter’s Feeding with Love and Good Sense II: Birth through Preschool Curriculum


Ready-to-go education and anticipatory guidance for parents’ classes, playgroups or social groups, classes for University students and child care providers, preschool events. The DVDs, lesson plan and discussion guidelines will allow you to lead others in using a process of discovery to understand feeding.

    • Ellyn Satter’s Feeding with Love and Good Sense DVD (group license) A total of 30 vignettes with over an hour of footage showing parents of infants, transitional children, toddlers, and preschoolers.
    • CD #1 Powerpoint parent lecture. Ellyn Satter’s tried and true lecture with four embedded vignettes and handouts.
    • CD #2 Parent Teacher’s Guide. To the teacher, the Infant, The Transitional Child, the Toddler and the preschooler. Show leaders how to use Feeding with Love and Good Sense DVDs in parent-centered education.
    • Hard copy enclosures: Teacher’s Guide and Handouts

Teacher’s guide and handout samples


Video samples:  


DVD Ellyn Satter’s Feeding with Love and Good Sense II DVD : (Group license ) Compelling footage of real parents and real children show what to do—and not do—with feeding. Four 15- to 20-minute segments, each containing vignettes of five to ten families. Footage demonstrates how to apply Ellyn Satter’s division of responsibility in feeding.

CD #1 Raising Children to Be Competent Eaters, PowerPoint Parent lecture. Ellyn Satter’s tried-and-true lecture for parents, with four embedded vignettes, handouts. Parents want to know: How can I get my child to eat—dinner, vegetables, drink milk—but not eat too much—or too little! The answer? You can’t get a child to eat. You can only help a child be a competent eater. Vignettes demonstrate maintaining the division of responsibility in feeding, raising a child who feels good about eating, can learn to like unfamiliar food, goes by feelings of hunger and fullness to know how much to eat, and enjoys family meals. Additional materials on managing PowerPoint printed materials.

CD #2 Parent Teacher’s Guide. To the Teacher, The Infant, The Transitional Child, The Toddler and The Preschooler show leaders how to use Ellyn Satter’s Feeding with Love and Good Sense II DVD vignettes in parent-centered education for groups or individuals. Teacher’s guide emphasizes observing, understanding, and building empathy for the child, doing stage-appropriate feeding, and doing early problem solving. Handout-guided vignette observation lets parents think through doing their feeding jobs and letting children do their eating jobs. Lesson plans and handouts in electronic and hard copy.

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