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Continuing education exam for the Satter Eating Competence Model: (ecSatter).

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The Satter Eating Competence Model achieves dietary guidelines and nutritional well-being by addressing eating and food attitudes and behaviors and working in harmony with biopsychosocial processes. But how do you wean yourself from control-approach, eat-this-don’t-eat that thinking and fully trust the application of ecSatter for achieving positive nutritional outcomes? This exam helps you to ground yourself theoretically and practically in ecSatter and the Satter Eating Competence Inventory (ecSI 2.0TM), and to do cognitive and experiential education with uncomplicated eating problems. Approved for 30 CEUs from the Commission on Dietetic Registration. 



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Clearly understand the definition and evidence for the Satter Eating Competence Model, 
its elaboration in the Hierarchy of Food Needs, and application of ecSatter to nutrition 
Examine the validation process for the Satter Eating Competence Inventory, ecSI 2.0TM 
and what it says about the nature of eating competence.  
●Understand  how to do education with ecSatter. Differentiate between cognitive and experiential intervention in teaching/acquiring Eating Competence.  
Part 1.  ecSatter formative articles (articles included) 77 items  
 Krall, J. S. and B. Lohse (2011). "Validation of a measure of the Satter eating 
competence model with low-income females." Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act 8: 26-36. 
Satter, E. (2007). "Hierarchy of food needs." J Nutr Educ Behav 39(5 Suppl): S187-188. 
Satter, E. M. (2007). "Eating Competence: definition and evidence for the Satter Eating 
Competence Model." J Nutr Educ Behav 39: S142-S153. 
Satter, E. M. (2007). "Nutrition education with the Satter Eating Competence Model." J 
Nutr Educ Behav 39 (suppl): S189-S194. 
Part 2Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family (book not included), teaches understanding and skills for being Eating Competent and identifies interference with self-trusting, internally regulated eating. 37 items.  
Part 3Feeding Yourself with Love and Good Sense (booklet not included), translates learning in parts 1 and 2 into  experiential intervention. "Goes through the motions" of shaping positive, orderly, tuned-in eating. Neutralizes thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that get in the way of knowing and trusting internal regulation with eating.  40 items. 

2 reviews for Continuing education exam for the Satter Eating Competence Model: (ecSatter).

  1. RD

    This exam revitalized my conviction that Eating Competence is what we need to be teaching . . . It brought me to home base where the joy of eating must be included in the eating experience.

  2. RD

    This test addresses an enlightening mix of scholarly journal articles, a book, and a booklet. The student is supported in reviewing the scientific evidence and working with examples of how the Eating Competence is delivered to audiences. This test makes you think—and challenge your mind-set.

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