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Family Meals Focus

The Ellyn Satter Institute Newsletter

Eating, feeding . . . and life  

by Ellyn Satter 

Eating. . . 

is more than deciding
what and when to eat.

Feeding. . .

is more than choosing food
and getting it into a child.

Eating and feeding . . . 

reflect people’s histories,
their relationships with themselves
and with others.

Feeding a child . . .

is about the connection
between parent and child,
about trusting or controlling,
about providing or neglecting,
about accepting or rejecting.

Eating . . .

is about the connection
with our bodies
and with life itself.

Eating can be joyful . . .

full of zest and vitality.

Or it can be fearful . . . 

bound by control and avoidance.

Our mission . . .

is to improve people’s lives 
through joyful and capable



Ellyn Satter

Family Meals Focus is an online newsletter mostly written by respected author, consultant and lecturer Ellyn Satter, MS, RD, MSSW.  The theme is positive, effective, and rewarding feeding and eating as well as social, emotional, and cognitive issues that get in the way. It discusses trends and research and interpret nutrition, food, weight, and health issues from the perspective of the Satter Feeding Dynamics Model (edSatter) and the Satter Eating Competence Model (fdSatter). 

Satter’s work

Evidence for the Satter models 

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