Pre-publication book review

Pre-publication book review

The ESI faculty are pleased to review your book to help you make it consistent with the Satter Eating Competence Model (ecSatter) and/or the Satter Feeding Dynamics Model (fdSatter). Our review would include the whole book, not just the parts where you discuss the Division of Responsibility in Feeding, Eating Competence, and/or Feeding Dynamics. Problems typically arise in managing nutrition information. It is difficult to get out of the prescriptive, policy-driven mindset. Being even a little bit prescriptive gives people food selection and even food regulation agendas for themselves and/or their children and interferes with being trusting. 

This review process is time consuming, so we have to charge for it. The first round of such a book review process typically takes at least 5 hours, so we charge $500, refund any unused money, and don’t charge for time overrun. A second review addressing your changes is charged separately. If you wish to have this service, be sure to start the process early enough to allow such considerations and revisions. To facilitate commenting, we ask for your manuscript in either docx or pdf format.

Materials review, e.g. a teaching package, is typically more time-consuming. Those review charges are estimated on an invidual basis.  

This material will be helpful for you in understanding what is meant by nutrition information that contradicts the fdSatter and ecSatter models. 

To inquire about book and/or materials review, contact [email protected]  

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