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We are eager to help you learn about the Satter Feeding Dynamics Model and the Satter Eating Competence Model so you can have the rewards of correctly and creatively applying them at home and at work. We contract with sponsors to do live presentations, and occasionally sponsor workshops ourselves. We do webinars, and are thinking hard about how we can do online training. We offer loads of resource material, and encourage you to do self study, then mentor with us in the Affiliates program or one-to-one with a faculty member. The Professional  Facebook page offers a virtual community where you can talk about your cases and check your understanding of the models. The General Facebook page lets you address your own issues of eating and feeding and hear from others who are doing the same. However you can manage it, join us, and keep in touch!     

Speaking & Training

We get good marks! We always evaluate, and our audiences like what we do! We do ESI presentations and workshops throughout the United States and Internationally, and our audiences find us transformative, entertaining, and authoritative. ESI presentations and workshops are done by ESI faculty members. While Ellyn Satter consults and collaborates with ESI faculty members in preparing presentations, except by very special arrangement, Ellyn Satter does not do the actual presentation. Presentations and workshops focus on understanding and applying the Satter Feeding Dynamics Model (fdSatter) and the Satter Eating Competence Model (ecSatter) in your particular setting. Presentations and workshops vary in length and depth. We start with the general posted on the website, then we cater the event to your specific needs.

See a list of our workshops and keynote topics here


Our faculty

Ellyn Satter Institute faculty members bring expertise in clinical intervention (medical, nutritional, mental health, eating disorders), education, public heatlh, WIC, and child care. Faculty members have trained extensively with Ellyn Satter and closely collaborate and consult with her in planning, preparing, and conducting presentations. We have given our core presentations many times and refine them each time. We also cater each presentation to the specific needs of each audience. 

Continuing education units

We award CEU certificates for our workshops, webinars, and CEU exams. 


We plan to introduce of certification in the coming months. Sign up to receive news from ESI about CEU programs and other educational opportunities. ESI offers workshops, webinars, and self study to help you fully understand and accurately apply ecSatter and fdSatter at all levels of clinical and educational intervention. We also offer the Affiliates program, which is  a year-long virtual (e.g. by remote classroom) group mentorship with ESI faculty member Ines Anchondo. Graduates of the Affiliates program are eligible to apply to become ESI Associates, who are mentored as they move into a contributing role with ESI. We currently are working with our second class of Affiliates. 


Our self study guides and materials introduce you to the possibilities of ecSatter and fdSatter and help you with mastery. Enjoyment, comfort, relaxation, and acceptance are integral parts of ecSatter and fdSatter and support the nutritional adequacy, energy balance, moderation, and proportionality mandated by the Dietary Guidelines. Practices based on the Satter models call for a whole different mindset from conventional, formulaic food selection guidelines: what to eat, how much to eat, portion sizes, avoidance, and restriction. 

Learning resources

This website is one big learning resource, and it can be a bit overwhelming! How can you trim it down to size?

Check out the resources and links pages:

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Explore Ellyn Satter's books and materials

Family Meals Focus ~ No. 02

Read these books to learn about the Satter Feeding Dynamics Model and the Satter Eating Competence Model

  • Child of Mine: Parenting with feeding, birth through preschool. 
  • Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family: Applying ecSatter; feeding dynamics in brief; managing family meals; doing ecSatter-consistent food selection. 
  • Your Child’s Weight: Applying the Satter models to child weight issues; child development and feeding birth through adolescence. 

Family Meals Focus ~ No. 48

View videos to see what to do and not do with feeding. 

Feeding With Love and Good Sense booklets

Brief, beautiful, engaging booklets get today’s busy parents off to a good start with feeding.

Materials help you apply the Satter models in teaching and clinical practice.

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