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Show and tell about feeding Package (Spanish)


A $250 value when purchased separately! Show with FWLGS DVD vignettes. Tell with FIPC handouts; 25% discount on individual prices!

Vignettes list

Feeding in Primary Care health supervision record

Video sample: Chase isn’t ready for solids

FIPC handout sample: Alimente en la manera que su niño pueda comer


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Imagine this: A parent wants to know, "when do I start solid food?" You say, "when your baby is ready for it: When she takes an interest, sits up, and opens her mouth when she sees food coming. Let's see what that looks like." Then you check your Feeding with Love and Good Sense DVD Vignettes list, choose Chase, and you and the parent  view Chase on your computer. Give the parent a chance to discuss, then check the Feeding in Primary Care health supervision record and say, "here's a little handout that summarizes what I just showed you. Would you like it?"

After a bit of practice, you will become smooth as can be: Based on the parent's question or the developmental stage of the child, tell and show. Use a handout and show a vignette. With our discounted prices, you can afford to place a copy of these handouts and vignettes on the computer of each person in your office! Contact us to get even deeper discounts on larger numbers! 

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