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Ellyn Satter’s Feeding in Primary Care Pregnancy through Preschool Handouts

Ellyn Satter’s Feeding in Primary Care Pregnancy through Preschool: Easy-to-Read Reproducible Masters 14-handout package
Now available for download at a reduced price, here are the 14 most popular and most utilized handouts.  In a nutshell, these selected handouts teach how to feed, birth through preschool, based on the Satter Division of Responsibility in Feeding. Includes To the User Curriculum by Ellyn Satter, outling doing parent-focused, SAtter Division of Responsibility Feeding in based education.
Available in both English and Spanish
Handouts may be transferred to one computer for the use of one provider.  Easily reproduced handouts teach the practical application of Ellyn Satter’s division of responsibility in feeding.  Fourth-grade reading level.  Thousands of health care, mental health, WIC, Head Start, CACFP, and Early Childhood Intervention professionals depend on these reproducible handouts.  To the User section addresses feeding principles, parent-focused nutrition education, and practical, Dietary Guidelines consistent nutritional guidance.  Your purchase entitles you to print 300 copies of each of these Reproducible Masters via electronic download.  That’s less that $.01 per handout!
1.Teaching your child to be a good eater 
2.How do you stretch your food money? 
3.How to feed your baby 
4.Is your baby too small? Does he not eat enough? 
5.Is your baby too big? Does she eat too much? 
6.How to feed your older baby solid foods 
7.Feed the way your child can eat 
8.Solid foods, step by step 
9.How to feed your almost-toddler 
10.Is your child too small? Does he not eat enough? 
11.Is your child too big? Does she eat too much? 
12.How to feed your toddler 
13.How to feed your preschooler 
14.How to handle the picky eater 

Handouts may be transferred to one computer for the use of one provider. Easily reproduced handouts teach the practical application of Ellyn Satter’s division of responsibility in feeding. 

Fourth-grade reading level. Thousands of health care, mental health, WIC, Head Start, CACFP, and Early Childhood Intervention professionals depend on these reproducible handouts. To the User 
section addresses feeding principles, parent-focused nutrition education, and practical, Dietary Guidelines consistent nutritional guidance. Your purchase entitles to you to print 300 copies of each 
of these Reproducible Masters via electronic download. That’s less than $.01 per handout!  

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