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DOWNLOADABLE – Feeding With Love and Good Sense II Feeding Vignettes for PowerPoint Presentations


All 30 vignettes and 8 introductions and conclusions from Ellyn Satter’s Feeding with Love and Good Sense II DVD, divided into individual MP4s to keep on your computer and show to parents during session or drop into your PowerPoint presentations. Close-up, compelling footage of real parents and real children in their homes in actual feeding situations reveals what works and what doesn’t with feeding. Parents who volunteered to be videoed for this project represent a variety of ethnic groups and income levels.

  • CD #1 Vignettes with narration and scene audio.
  • CD #2 vignettes have scene audio only, may be used to sharpen observational and interpretive skills and/or allow you to provide narration in other languages.
  • Also included: vignette summary with content and run times, technical instructions, sample PowerPoint, and child photos for introductory slides.

Vignettes and descriptions

Video samples: 

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Vignettes and descriptions

Vignettes of five to ten families in each developmental stage, showing what works and what doesn't with feeding. Educational DVD for parents created, produced, and narrated by internationally-recognized feeding authority Ellyn Satter. 

The Infant Positive breastfeeding. Closeup of latch-on, suck and swallow. Hungry days. Positive formula-feeding. Feeding according to child’s cues. Understanding sleep states. Sleep problems. Poor reciprocity. Too-early solids. Interest in things.

The Transitional Child Positive, timely solids introduction. Oral-motor issues. Too-early solids introduction. Learning to like unfamiliar foods. Weaning. Pressured solids feeding. Getting stuck on semi-solid food. Transition to family food. Self-feeding at family mealtime. Child obesity.

The Toddler Positive mealtime. Squirmy, messy toddler. Fussing parent. Mealtime struggles. Parent interference. Mealtime tantrums. Pressure to eat more food. Undermining internal regulation. Roaming with juice. Ending meal positively.

The Preschooler Positive mealtime. Clean your plate. Use your silverware. Wiggly preschooler. Child eats a lot. Undermining internal regulation. Child obesity. Shame about eating. Pressure to eat vegetables. Inadvertent neglect. Misusing TV. Teaching eating for emotional reasons.

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