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The Satter Eating Competence Model in Context

A webinar for professionals by Ellyn Satter, MS, MSSW, Dietitian and Family Therapist

Empower you to base your wellness and medical nutrition therapy practice on the Satter Eating Competence Model (ecSatter)

Participant will be able to:
 Discuss how and why ecSatter grew out of interference
 Identify key research evidence showing that interference doesn’t work
 Summarize key research evidence showing that ecSatter works
 Distinguish between education and treatment with ecSatter
 Choose key data to collect when applying ecSatter


Watch at your convenience, take the test when you have time.  Purchasing below takes you to our new automated system.

1.5 pre-approved Level III CEUs from the Commission of Dietetic Registration (CDR) upon successful completion of the exam.



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How do your patients and students feel about eating? Do they enjoy it? Do they feel it is all right to enjoy eating? Or is there something decadent about eating in general and enjoying it in particular? Can they trust themselves to eat as much as they want? Or are they afraid of losing control and eating way too much?

What about you? Are you feeling caught in the dieting world, and looking for a better way?

Join us for the webinar, The Satter Eating Competence Model in Context, where we sort it all out:

  • How did we become so restrictive and prescriptive with our eating? 
  • Review the evidence that telling others (and ourselves) what and how much to eat doesn’t work.
  • Consider the ecSatter alternative: trusting ourselves to eat as much as we want of food we enjoy.
  • Imagine teaching and practicing based on ecSatter.

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2 reviews for The Satter Eating Competence Model in Context

  1. Nicole (verified owner)

    Great Overview

    I got about 1 hr into the live webinar and had to go for an appointment, but I will watch the rest soon. I had to tear myself away because I really enjoyed it! Very informative and gives a good history of where we’ve been with nutrition and where we can go with eating competence. Highly recommend.

  2. Elizabeth


    Very helpful!

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