Webinar by Ellyn Satter: Children and food acceptance – The research


A webinar for professionals by Ellyn Satter, MS, MSSW

Consider your perspective on children’s picky eating? Does today’s research call Satter’s Division of Responsibility in Feeding into question? Ellyn Satter sorts it all out, plus gives you 30 minutes for discussion, in this practical, evidence-packed webinar! 

2.0 pre-approved CEUs. Includes test. Required for the Feeding with Love and Good Sense VISION workshop 

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From the perspective of the Satter Feeding Dynamics Model, children are competent with respect to food acceptance, provided parents follow Satter's division of responsibility in feeding. When parents do the what, when and where of feeding, children do the how much and whether of eating. They take an interest in unfamiliar food and, over time, learn to eat the food parents enjoy and eat an increasing variety of food.
At the other extreme, today's research characterizes children as having food-acceptance deficits: being neophobic, particularly about fruits and vegetables, being inclined to eat too much high-sugar, high-fat food, and drinking too much soda. Research based on this thinking explores ways of getting children to eat more fruits and vegetables by systematically rewarding and tricking them. 
In this webinar, I sort it all out.
  • How do we know what we know about children and food acceptance?
  • What is the evidence for children's competence with respect to food acceptance?
  • Does today's deficit research call that competency into question?
  • What is the best way to help children learn to eat a variety of food?
Does today's research demonstrate that it is irresponsible to follow the division of responsibility in feeding: To trust children to push themselves along to eat a variety of food?


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