A County-wide Obesity Prevention Strategy: Speaking with One Voice

By feeding authorities Carol Danaher, MPH, RD and Ellyn Satter, MS RD LCSW BCD

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The Ellyn Satter Institute and the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health are pleased to present: 

A county-wide obesity prevention strategy: Speaking with one voice.

Behavior change is facilitated when adults hear a consistent message from numerous sources, in various formats. Santa Clara County, CA Public Health Department's Childhood Feeding Collaborative used this principle to coordinate Satter’s Division of Responsibility-based child feeding guidance across multiple systems serving families with young children.

This webinar, led by Carol Danaher, MPH, RD with Ellyn Satter, MS RD LCSW BCD, tells how the Childhood Feeding Collaborative advanced the goal of county-wide consistency of message by creating partnerships, training opportunities and support for pediatric healthcare providers, public health program providers, community-based health educators, and child care providers. Learn the steps to success, the challenges and barriers. Program evaluation outcomes for parents and pediatricians will be shared.


After  participating in the webinar, Division of Responsibility as a County-wide Obesity Prevention Strategy by Carol Danaher, the participant will be able to:

• Understand a model of collaborative practice with Satter’s Division of Responsibility (sDOR) in feeding.
• Describe the gradual process of bringing participants along with respect to understanding, supporting, and practicing sDOR.
• Pinpoint the role of evaluation in building sustainability into programming.

About the Presenters:

Carol Danaher, MPH, RD, co-founded and leads the Childhood Feeding Collaborative of the Santa Clara County Public Health Department. She has designed and administered nutrition programs for nonprofit childcare programs, including Early Head Start. Carol served for 5 years as Child Health and Disability Prevention Program Nutritionist in Santa Clara County where she worked closely with pediatricians. Carol has worked for the Food and Nutrition Service of USDA evaluating child nutrition programs. Volunteer work in Jakarta, Indonesia led to her interest in Public Health.

Ellyn Satter, MS RD LCSW BCD, is a therapist, author and lecturer. She is a registered dietitian and a holder of the Diplomat in Clinical Social Work. Her best-selling books including: Child of Mine: Feeding With Love and Good Sense and Your Child’s Weight: Helping without Harming as well as journal and magazine articles, teaching materials, seminars, and media interviews have made her well known as an authority on nutrition and feeding.

Handouts and Reading:

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