ESI presentations and workshops throughout the United States and Internationally consistently get very high marks from audiences and objectives are achieved. ESI presentations and workshops are done by ESI faculty members. While Ellyn Satter consults and collaborates with ESI faculty members in preparing presentations, except by very special arrangement, Ellyn Satter does not do the actual presentation. Presentations and workshops focus on understanding and applying the Satter Feeding Dynamics Model (fdSatter) and the Satter Eating Competence Model (ecSatter) in your particular setting. Presentations and workshops vary in length and depth. Based on the general descriptions posted on the website, we can cater a workshop to your specific needs.

Audience size

  • Keynote addresses and one-day introductory workshops: As large an audience as you wish.
  • One-day and three-day training workshops: 30 people


A faculty members from the Ellyn Satter Institute will work with you on planning your event and doing the presentation. Clinical faculty members have trained extensively with Ellyn Satter and closely collaborate and consult with her in planning, preparing, and conducting their presentations.


For the current ESI current speaking fee, email Support@EllynSatterInstitute.org. Because travel time and time away from clinical practice and other actitivites make up the majority of cost for speaking, fees are per day rather than based on the length of the presentation. Additional fees may apply depending on the unique needs of the organization. 

Let us develop a presentation to fit your needs

For a proposal specific to your situation, please email us with the following information:

  • When and where and for what meeting would you like us to present?
  • Who is your primary audience? Your own organization, community wide impact, professionals, the lay public?
  • What is your primary goal with this engagement? (consciousness-raising, introduction to the possibilities, training, etc.)
  • What dates are you thinking about?
  • How familiar is your audience with Ellyn Satter's models? An audience with low initial exposure to fdSatter and/or ecSatter will be best served by an introductory workshop.  
  • What other organizations in your community also teach/advise about feeding? Do you find that their feeding information supports or complicates your work with children and families?

Consider grant-writing and collaborative programming

Agencies do planning a year ahead of time and get grants to support ESI programming. Given Ellyn Satter’s prominence, agencies are very interested in ESI presentations and, given advanced planning, often collaborate with funding. With strategic planning, this can even form the initial steps for community-wide collaboration.