Community-Wide Collaboration

Consider the positive impact on parents and young children when each of their health, community, and public health service providers offer Division of Responsibility-based feeding guidance! Through strategic partnerships, training, and consultation, key service providers can deliver consistent and best practice feeding education to parents in order to raise healthy children who eat well, thereby preventing feeding problems.  Pediatricians, WIC Nutritionists, Public Health Nurses, Head Start and other parent educators, mental health providers, community-based parent educators, childcare and preschool providers, and others are more effective when their feeding guidance is best practice and reinforced by others.

Articles and Webinars

Pediatric Healthcare Organizations Partner to Prevent Childhood Obesity by By Karen Giles Smith, MS, RD. (If you have trouble with the link, click here for a PDF)

Countywide Obesity Prevention Strategy - Speaking with One Voice by Carol Danaher (Family Meals Focus #73)

Collective impact: Multidisciplinary, collaborative practice by Ellyn Satter (Family Meals Focus #74)

A County-wide Obesity Prevention Strategy: Speaking with One Voice by Carol Danaher and Ellyn Satter (webinar information and recording)