ecSI 2.0

ecSI 2.0 with scoring and interpretation.

ecSI 2.0 Spanish. This is the approved Spanish version that has been examined for accurate back translation.

ecSI 2.0 is a copyrighted, validated instrument for assessing adult Eating Competence as defined by the Satter Eating Competence Model.  

Usage in clinical and education settings. For use as part of the best practice of evaluating interventions with before and after administration. By definition, these interventions will not apply for Human Subjects Review and therefore are not intended for publication. ecSI-2 has been validated with adults (18 years and older).  Click here for the ecSI-2 questionnaire, with scoring and scoring interpretation. To use this questionnaire appropriately, please familiarize yourself with the Satter Eating Competence Model. If, however, you incorporate your findings into a research trial that will be published, we need to work with you on its usage. See research, below.  

Research You may use ecSI 2.0 by permission after an application and approval process, part of which is agreeing to provide outcome and presentation information.

Linked is the usage protocol. Please pay particular attention to this statement: “Since ecSI 2.0 is a work in progress, usage is available on a limited basis to projects that contribute toward developing and examining the instrument and furthering the study of the eating competence construct.” For general inquiries, please email Dr. Barbara Lohse at To use ecSI 2.0 in your research project, please fill out the application for usage, To have your proposal accepted, you must have an achievable and clearly stated research plan including application to your Human Subjects Review board. 

Your application for ecSI 2.0 usage will be reviewed and you will be informed if it is approved.

ecSI 2.0 has been validated in the United States with English-speaking adult women and men (18 years and older) across income groups as well as in the United States with low income English-speaking adult women. Linked are guidelines for translating and validating ecSI for use in another language.