ESI faculty members, with consultation by Ellyn Satter, do Skype coaching with professionals relative to applying the Feeding Dynamics (fdSatter) and Eating Competence (ecSatter) models to feeding and eating problems. This can be mentoring relative to working with specific treatment issues raised by a particular patient, in which case you may be able to pass at least part of the costs through to your patients. Or it can be more general mentoring related to your own professional growth and development with fdSatter and edSatter. It can also be topical: For instance, how do you apply the models to diabetes? Sports nutrition? Child and adult obesity?  

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To prepare yourself for mentoring, examine these self-study guides

Eating Competence  

Feeding Dynamics

Also examine these detailed postings about specifics areas of concern relative to child feeding. 

Prevention and Treatment of Child Overweight and Obesity

Intervening with Pediatric Feeding Disorders: Extreme Food Selectivity, Extreme Picky Eating, Special Needs