Ellyn Satter, MS, RDN, MSSW

The Ellyn Satter Institute is named for Ellyn Satter, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Family Therapist and internationally recognized authority on eating and feeding, who pioneered the Satter Feeding Dynamics Model and the Satter Eating Competence Model. She is the author of the Division of Responsibility in Feeding, which is the gold standard for feeding children. In her transformative, practical, theoretically sound, and evidence-based conceptualizations of eating and feeding, Satter emphasizes competency rather than deficiency, providing rather than depriving, and trust rather than control. 

During her earlier professional years, Satter specialized in psychodynamic psychotherapy, in the symptom management of eating disorders, and ran Ellyn Satter Associates, which provided resources for professionals and the public in the area of eating and feeding. The not-for-profit foundation, the Ellyn Satter Institute, is now the primary distributor of Satter’s books, videos, and training materials and the source for her self-tutorials on eating and feeding (How to Feed and How to Eat), eating and feeding articles and research, newsletters, and success stories from parents. While Satter is not on the board of directors and does not participate in the administration of the Ellyn Satter Institute, she is the senior faculty member and  takes an active role in Ellyn Satter Institute programming. 

Satter continues to publish and consult, dedicating herself to mentoring both parents and professionals. Practical, warm and empowering, Satter helps nutrition, health, and mental health professionals to identify and correct eating and feeding distortions and allow the people they advise to gain eating competence. She helps non-professionals by crafting and publishing accessible and authoritative printed materials and videos and by making herself available for conversations on FaceBook.