Prevention and Treatment of Child Overweight and Obesity
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Ellyn Satter's Your Child's Weight: Helping with Harming

Ellyn Satter's Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family: How to eat, how to raise good eaters, how to cook

Family Meals Focus Articles

#6 Child Overweight: Are Current Guidelines Helpful? Do They Do Harm?

#11 Interpreting the obesity data

Special Edition #1 Child overweight in the schools

#12 Interpreting the obesity data: Helping without harming

#13 Taking the scare out of feeding infants number 1: Advising parents

#14 Taking the scare out of feeding infants #2: Interpreting the research

#35 Toddler feeding: The toddler who ''can't get filled up''

#40 Are Overweight Kids Gluttons?

Special edition #3 A Message to First Lady Michelle Obama, Child obesity: Help without harming

 #57 Labeling Overweight Children as Obese

#61 Early Infant Weight Gain, Obesity and Adult Disease

#64 Talking With Your Child About Weight

#65 Do children lose the ability to self-regulate?

#81 Trouble-shooting with the division of responsiblity

#100 Doctors and weight: Helping wihtout harming

Articles for the public

Jackson E. Changing the conversation: From getting kids thin to promoting nurturing eating for all children. Absolute Advantage.

Robison J, Cool C, Jackson L. Kids, eating, weight and healthAbsolute Advantage

Satter, E. Your Child's Weight: Helping Without Harming, Absolute Advantage 

Professional articles 

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