Consulting on your project

The Ellyn Satter Institute is committed to enhancing quality of life with respect to feeding and eating. We base our work on the evidence-based Satter Eating Competence (ecSatter) and the Satter Feeding Dynamics Model (fdSatter).

We value good materials and projects and want to endorse them, whether they are produced by us or by someone else. However, before we can do so, we must ensure that they are consistent with ecSatter and fdSatter. The prescriptive, policy-driven mindset almost inevitably slips in with agenda-driven food selection and food regulation information and controlling eating and feeding advice. As a consequence, before we can endorse your material, we ask that it be evaluated, for a charge, by a professional who is fully conversant with the models. That professional, in turn, is someone who has demonstrated to ESI that s/he has that expertise. 

The Evaluation Rubric from the Perspective of ecSatter and fdSatter will help you to scrutinize your project. The material below will be helpful for you in understanding what is meant by nutrition information that is consistent with fdSatter and ecSatter. 

  • Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family chapter 13, “Choosing food.”
  • Your Child’s Weight: Helping without Harming chapter 4, “Help without Harming: Food Selection.”